Ballet with an old world flair dances into Norwell

Melinda Marculetiu, a former dancer in the Croatian National Ballet, watched as her husband, Cosmin, a Transylvanian native, uttered instructions in French to ballet students at the couple’s dance studio in Norwell.

“Our students can go anywhere in the world and take a ballet class. If they want to take a class in St. Petersburg, they can do it,’’ said Marculetiu, noting that her studio follows the Russian ballet method Vagnova. “Our students know the vocabulary, the history; they understand the various ways ballet is taught.’’

The International Ballet Academy of Norwell, located in a spacious suite of studios tucked away in what looks like an office park, is developing an intense band of ballet loyalists from Hingham, Norwell, Marshfield, and surrounding towns.

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